Min.Fomentoministerio de medio ambientecedex CEHOPU
Centro de Estudios Históricos de Obras Públicas y Urbanismo
Dolores Romero Muñoz
Carlos de Grunenbergh. Un ingeniero alemán al servicio de Carlos II en Sicilia
Ministerio de Fomento, Centro de Publicaciones, 2020
25.00 €

CEHOPU publications serve to promote and disseminate the results of research into the history of public works, civil engineering and town planning, as set out in its institutional objectives.

As a consequence, since its creation it has been publishing a collection of books that are not only a valuable documentary archive from the technical and cultural point of view, but which are also genuine testimonies to the history of Spanish engineering.

In its catalogue, among other things, works which are the result of the Centre’s own historical research can be found, along with publications taken from other sources and minutes from congresses and specialised courses.

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