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Centro de Estudios Históricos de Obras Públicas y Urbanismo

The library is named “Juan García Hortelano”, in honour of this writer and CEHOPU contributor.

It was created to serve the research and publications departments of the Centre. It is aimed at researchers and scholars of public works heritage.

Its collection specialises in engineering history, town planning, technology and the environment. Access is free.

It offers on-site reference and the associated reference and library information services.

It is included on the CEDEX libraries network, and you can consult items contained in the collective automated catalogue.

address:   c/ Alfonso XII, 3-5 - 28014 Madrid
opening times:   Monday - Friday, 9.00am-2.00pm
telephone:   (+34) 913 35 72 39
fax:   (+34) 913 35 73 50
e-mail:   biblioteca.cehopu@cedex.es
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CEHOPU, Alfonso XII, 3-5 - 28014 Madrid - tel: (+ 34) 913 35 72 00 - fax: (+ 34) 915 28 03 54 sobre cehopu@cedex.es
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