Min.Fomentoministerio de medio ambientecedex CEHOPU
Centro de Estudios Históricos de Obras Públicas y Urbanismo

The objectives of CEHOPU include:

- To investigate, study and disseminate progress in the most relevant technology and science, projects, and figures in the field of engineering throughout history, carrying out exhibitions and producing printed, electronic or audiovisual publications.

- To maintain and progressively develop the “Public Works Museum” as a permanent exhibition of projects.

- To conserve, recover and enrich public works heritage. In present day practice, its actions aim to strengthen links between infrastructure, nature and history relating to national public works projects.

It proposes a historical journey through the main transport and water networks, taking in their unique constructions. CEHOPU carries out its research at State territorial level and in supra-regional geographical areas.

Two complementary areas of research open out from this geographical basis: one concerning knowledge of the specific features of territories, and another concerning the exchange of common experiences at international and local level.

Exchange and dissemination activities are carried out through seminars, conferences, exhibitions and publications. The integration of technical, cultural and scientific knowledge requires the collaboration of international and local institutions, of universities and their researchers, along with relevant players in the world of project implementation and theoretical thinking. The aim is to encourage encounters between the most significant figures in the fields of engineering, art, culture and science.

It has an Advisory Committee whose aim is to assist the managing body, acting as consultants for jobs requested, and proposing the actions that they deem appropriate.

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