Min.Fomentoministerio de medio ambientecedex CEHOPU
Centro de Estudios Históricos de Obras Públicas y Urbanismo
Obras Hidráulicas de la Ilustración,
Madrid, Sala de las Arquerías - Ministerio de Fomento
desde el 10 July, 2014

CEHOPU organises exhibitions based on its own investigative research as an important means of dissemination.

It has dealt with many topics since its creation: its first period was dedicated mainly to Latin American-related topics, as can be seen from the first exhibition organised by the Centre – Ports and Fortifications in Latin America and the Philippines. More recently, it has carried out studies into great figures in the field of engineering and public works, such as Agustín de Betancourt and Eduardo Torroja, both important despite the years that separate them in history.

Other research refers to specific topics such as the history of ports, Spanish Ports throughout History, or town planning such us The Hispano-American City: a Dream of Order.

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